Personal Training

Lisa Donovan is more than a Personal Trainer, she is a Personal Coach.   She takes the time to get to know you in order to customize a FIT TO YOU Health and Fitness program, so you can enjoy a healthy life without feeling deprived or stressed because you don’t fit the mold of what society feels “fit” and “healthy” should look like.

Lisa creates programs that match the varying skill levels and abilities of everyone she works with, and
guides them through a safe exercise routine while taking into consideration any physical limitations of participants.  With each program Lisa Donovan includes exercise movements to help reduce injury, to help increase balance, flexibility, mobility, as well as help with posture.

As we get older our bodies begin to slow down. We start losing muscle, strength, balance, flexibility and stability.

Living a healthy and active lifestyle that includes a combination of cardio, muscular strength, functional, stability, flexibility, and corrective exercises helps prevent a range of diseases, slows the process of some diseases, as well as slows the rate of muscle loss and improves activities of daily living.